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Autodsys Releases AcceliCAD 2011

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Monday, 20 September 2010

Portland, Oregon — Autodsys, Inc. today released AcceliCAD 2011 with support for DWG 2010 and 2011 files as well as many features to enhance user productivity and enjoyment. The sixth major release of AcceliCAD, it adds significant enhancements and improvements to nearly every aspect of operation.

"Autodsys is committed to providing users with quality CAD software at an affordable price", said Ronald Prepchuk, President of Autodsys. "AcceliCAD 2011 adds to the many innovations found in AcceliCAD 2010 with more productivity-enhancing features and even greater compatibility with the industry-standard DWG file format" he added.

Key enhancements in AcceliCAD 2011:

* ETransmit packages all related files including xref's, fonts, and images into a zip file with notes that can be sent to others via email.
* Quick Select Select groups of objects for editing operations by specifying matching properties such as layer, color, linetype, or lineweight, or specific types of objects such as all polylines.
* Find and Replace Search any text objects in the drawing including TEXT, MTEXT, Attributes, Dimensions, or Hyperlinks and replace any or all instances with new text as well as zoom to the location.
* Array Wizard Dialog with point and click control of rectangular and polar arrays and preview prior to placing
* Workspace Manager Select from different pre-defined workspace configurations or create your own. Default configurations include 2D Drafting, 3D Basics, and 3D Modeling.
* Four different toolbar bitmap choices Choose from bitmaps that are similar to AutoCAD 14-2002, AutoCAD 2004-2011 in blue or green, or IntelliCAD 6.6 or later. Select the one that is most pleasing or familiar to you.
* UCS Toolbar Enhancements All UCS features have been placed on a toolbar along with a pull-down list of all available UCS's including 3D views.
* Viewpoint Toolbar Enhancements Select from standard 3D predefined viewpoints.
* 3D Detailing Shapes Steel and wood shapes can now be created in 3D between two points or by following a polyline path.
* Sheetset support - The Batch Plotting function will now open sheetset (sht) files and all layouts.
* Support for AutoCAD 2010-2011 files.

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