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Acer Nitro an517-54 suddenly slow

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Written by konstantin   
Saturday, 28 October 2023

I experienced that my laptop acer nitro an517-54 suddenly became very slow. I cleaned the fans but not also the heat sink thermal paste because the laptop does not warm up. Drivers were up to date, power settings on performance, both Windows 10 and NitroSense, other software did not slow down. But slow even after Windows restart. It used to be 60 FPS and now below 10 FPS. Since I had 2 operating systems on de SSD, the laptop ran slow, even with the clean Windows. After trying everything, I thought.

It seemed like the hardware was no longer okay, but it couldn't just be broken.

I opened the laptop and disconnected the battery. Then I pressed and held the power button for 20 seconds.

Then I connected the power adapter (but did not reconnect the battery. It shouldn't be a problem if it's reconnected, but I only use my laptop with power on the table. I only mention this for completeness). Turned laptop back on and everything is working at peak performance again! This was a kind of hard reset, because when the battery is connected, the electronic components do not discharge completely. Since I was very relieved and happy, I decided to write down the solution, but open a laptop is done at your own risk. Doing so may invalidate the warranty or break something. Anyway, look up on the Internet how to open a laptop.

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